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Dysmorphic uterus: metroplasty with scissors.

Patient with two previous miscarriages. Diagnosis of dysmorphic uterus. Lateral and fundal metroplasty with scissors.

“When faced with a tubular uterine cavity or an increased smooth muscle component on the walls of a ‘T’ shaped uterus, the literature reports success with a resectoscopic technique designed to improve the volume and the morphology of the uterine cavity. The technique involves the use of a hooked loop which is meticulously guided by the surgeon placing parallel longitudinal incisions along the main axis of the uterine cavity. The aim is to decrease the centripetal force of muscle fibers and of any fibro-muscular rings that have contributed to the stenosis, and to promote a consecutive increase in the volume of the uterine cavity.”

Dr. A. Di Spiezo Sardo

Hysteroscopy Newsletter Vol. 1, Issue 3. P. 3-4

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