During the past Global Congress on Hysteroscopy we had the opportunity to close the Hysteroscopy Trainees Session surprising with a live Quiz to all the attendees. What better way to end the conference after 3 days exclusively dedicated to hysteroscopy? What a better way to finish the motivational talks of this session?

The entire conference room, live polls via smartphones, hysteroscopic on-screen displays, 4 answer options, 30 seconds to respond, all the players competing with live ranking on the home screen … it was just Awesome!!

Quiz 2.JPG

We are totally satisfied with the participation and the results obtained. It was truly an exciting day with a very high level of participation, bearing in mind that we competed with 2 other rooms simultaneously. From the Hysteroscopy Newsletter team, we can say that we are very happy with the development of the Quiz, the participation, the Feed-back of the assistants and the results, that we want to share with you.

The total correct answers of the players were 55.97% with 44.03% of wrong answers. The 5 questions with the highest number of participants were: 1. Complete vaginal septum (97.33%) [1] , 2. IUD trapped by adhesions (85.92%) [2] , 3. Hysteroscopic image of uterine septum (93.22%) [3], 4. Bone metaplasia (82.54%) and 5. Isthmocele (76.92%). The 5 questions with the least participation were: 1. Endometrial smooth muscle metaplasia (13.56%) [4] , 2. Uterine septum MRI image (14.06%) [5] , 3. unicornuate uterus (17.65%) [6] , 4. Retained products of conception (25 %) and dysmorphic uterus (25.42%).


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