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AAGL Hysteroscopy Summit (Toronto. Canada. July 27-28, 2018)

Listen, watch, and learn from the most experienced hysteroscopic experts. Cumulatively, they have more than 200 years of clinical experience.

The hysteroscope is the gynecologist’s stethoscope. How can we practice modern gynecology without it? Diagnostic office hysteroscopy permits full visualization of the endometrial cavity, tubal ostia, endocervix and is critical in diagnosing focal lesions that are missed with blind or non-directed endometrial sampling. Increasingly, operative hysteroscopy both in the office and ambulatory center permit safe, effective, and minimally invasive surgery for an array of intrauterine pathology.

We are confident that this will be the most educational hysteroscopy conference that you have attended. It will be a dynamic compendium to improve the hysteroscopic surgical care, improve patient outcomes, and enhance patient safety. The conference will include a dazzling array of visual formats with numerous high-quality videos, “pre-recorded” live telesurgical procedures, and ample time for questions and answers.

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