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H Pipelle: New device for endometrial sampling

H Pipelle

Until now, the only way to take an endometrial biopsy after “no touch” hysteroscopy (vaginoscopic hysteroscopy) was to use a speculum to visualise the cervix, and often a tenaculum to facilitate insertion of the biopsy instrument. In collaboration with Laboratoire C.C.D. (France), Dr. Magos has developed a modified version of the Pipelle de Cornier® for use at NTH, so that there is no need to instrument the vagina.

The new H Pipelle® is long enough to be passed through the diagnostic sheath of the hysteroscope once the optic has been removed at the end of the hysterosocopy. The ability to obtain an endometrial biopsy without needing to instrument the vagina increases patient comfort. Owing to its length, a high suction pressure is produced and a greater volume of material is aspirated ensuring that sufficient endometrium is collected at the first attempt even after hysteroscopy using a liquid distension médium.


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