Cervix hysteroscopy


The inflammation of the cervix is divided into two categories according to the etiology causing the inflammation. Noninfectious endocervicitis originates from a mechanical or irritative cause, as occurs in patients who have an IUD, pessary, wear tampons, etc. The most frequent subtype is non-specific chronic cervicitis, in which there is an infiltration of mononuclear cells. The second most frequent type is polypoid endocervicitis, in which the endocervical mucosa is covered by papillae with infiltration of mononuclear cells.

In the early proliferative phase of the cycle, a combination of structural heterogeneity, increased echogenicity, the presence of an irregular shape of small cystic cavities and hyperechoic inclusions, moderate or increased vascularization are reliable echographic signs of chronic endocervicitis (Transvaginal Echographic Diagnosis of Chronic Cervicitis. Abdullayev R Ya*, Sibihankulov AH, Kiriya DG and Abdullayev RR. J Gynecol Reprod Med, 2017)

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