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Mastering the Techniques in Hysteroscopy

This textbook is designed in such a way that it gives complete knowledge about the uterus, i.e. anatomy, physiology, instruments and gadgets and its applications along with the current and recent advances in hysteroscopy. There are many sections in this book dedicated to each problem, and various opinions and methods to solve it by stalwarts in hysteroscopy. It also includes the tips and tricks to master hysteroscopy. This book is blessed with many gifted international as well as national figures of India, who are specialized in hysteroscopic surgeries.

O. Shawki, S. Deshmukh , L. Alonso

Jaypee  Year 2017 774 pages  Includes Interactive DVD-ROM

7 comments on “Mastering the Techniques in Hysteroscopy

  1. Kassari Soulef

    When de CAN got the CD Rom ans this textbook of hystéroscopy please

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  2. Hugo Alonso

    Please send complete info for buying…..thank you

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  3. How much is the boom and how can i obtaine it

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  4. Victor Resendiz

    Im from Mexico, where i found this book??

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  5. Tarina Marques Rubinger

    Luís Alonso, I would like to gift this book but for next week. Is it possible?

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  6. Jorge Montalvo

    Informes d venta del libro


  7. Comment peut-on faire pour
    l ‘acquerir. Merci. Cordialement.


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